“Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and youth. Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.” -- American Academy of Pediatrics
Ecoplay Playgrounds from Safeplay Systems
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Custom-designed, eco-friendly commercial playground structures for: Residential Communities, Churches, Preschool/Daycare Centers and Schools. Our playgrounds are found in your town and on military bases around the world.

For over 25 years, Safeplay Systems has been custom-designing, manufacturing and installing commercial playground equipment and site amenities, as well as providing safety surfacing and shade structures for our customers.

EcoPlay® Playgrounds from Safeplay Systems are made from recycled post-consumer HDPE plastic (i.e. milk jugs). All EcoPlay equipment is also recyclable -- making it a truly sustainable product.

EcoPlay Playgrounds from Safeplay Systems are warranted for 50 years and they meet/exceed industry standards set by CPSC, ASTM, and ADA. Safeplay Systems is certified by IPEMA (International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association); a member of PHMA; and has been a "Preferred Provider" for Head Start Body Start.


Sometimes installing a new playground structure is more cost-effective than maintaining an old one.

Safeplay Systems has worked with many Developers, Homeowner Associations, and Community Management Groups to review options and create playground areas that is appropriate for their needs.

An EcoPlay Playground from Safeplay Systems is low-maintenance. The play structure never needs painting, treating or sealing and it is impermeable to water – it will not rust, splinter, crack, swell or degrade in any way.

Is it time to replace your existing playground structure? Are you curious about your options? We can help you with that. We can design a playground for you ranging from a small single-deck-one-slide option up to a 3-story multi-slide/many-activities option – as we did for the community at BridgeMill, Canton, GA.

Recycled Materials Playground



Post-Consumer, Recycled HDPE Plastic (Milk Jugs)

2Meets/Exceeds All Applicable Safety Standards

3Custom-Designed To Meet Budgetary& Aesthetic Needs

4Low Maintenance

550-Year Warranty



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Church PlaygroundDemonstrating your church (or place of worship) is family-friendly will attract new members and grow your membership. And a visible, safe and inviting play space for children definitely indicates that families are welcome.

Safeplay Systems has worked with religious institutions throughout the country to create playground areas that fit each organization’s operative, budgetary and aesthetic needs.

EcoPlay Playgrounds also adhere to the principle of Environmental Stewardship – being made from post-consumer recycled milk jugs. (Each structure keeps 1,000s of milk jugs out of local landfills.)

An EcoPlay Playground from Safeplay Systems can help create a family-friendly atmosphere for your growing organization, as at Faith Family Fellowship, Spanish Fort, AL.


Standard breakdown for age-appropriate playground equipment is for ages 2-5 and 5-12. EcoPlay Playgrounds from Safeplay Systems adhere to those standards. However, we can also custom-design playground equipment for special situations – whether those needs by age-appropriate or ability-appropriate designs. Custom-designed playground equipment at the Center for the Visually Impaired (Atlanta, GA) helps teach children who are blind or severely visually impaired how to interact with other children and how to assimilate basic skills that other kids take for granted – such as walking up steps, sliding down a slide, and mapping out activity locations within the playground area. (Photo)

christian school playgroundWE ADAPT TO YOUR SCHOOL

As schools grow, so do their playground requirements – additional age-appropriate playground equipment, a relocation of existing equipment, or redesign to incorporate new and existing equipment.

Safeplay Systems has worked with numerous schools and pre-schools to design low-maintenance playground areas that are appropriate for present circumstances, yet designed for expansion/change in the future – when enrollment changes and/or additional funding becomes available.

“In the four years since the playground equipment has been installed, I have tightened one bold – that’s all. Our EcoPlay playground equipment has been virtually maintenance-free.”
Tommy Spinks, Director of Buildings and Grounds,
Strong Rock Christian School

The design professionals at Safeplay Systems can help you create your dream playground so that it can be built using a multi-phase approach.


As a sustainable product – being both recycled and recyclable – an EcoPlay Playground from Safeplay Systems figures into the calculations for LEED points. This has been demonstrated at a number of military installations – Child Development Centers, Schools and Parks. As a manufacturer of playground equipment, we can also design for your specific design-build projects. We recently designed a line of equipment to meet the USACE specifications for nature-inspired Accessible Playgrounds (APG) and Accessible Community Parks (ACP) being installed at military bases around the world. The new line consists of decks, stages, multi-level climbing platforms, sorting tables, planters, storage boxes, entry and pass-through arbors, benches and signs.


Freedom Park playgroundNot only is a neighborhood park/playground area a great place for children to make friends and for parents to gather and interact with their neighbors, the planning and building of the playground can also be a source of community pride and involvement.

EcoPlay Playgrounds from Safeplay System are manufactured in our Georgia facility as modular units – with as much assembly as possible being done in-house before the units are shipped. This makes our play structures much easier to assemble than typical playground structures. While we recommend using our trained installers to assure that all safety codes are met, most playground structures can be assembled by a team of community members with just a few tools. (We can provide a supervisor to oversee the installation.)

Recylced Playground video clipTo see one community-built playground under construction and learn more about the use of recycled plastic in the manufacture of play equipment, please view this short CNN video clip.


Safeplay Systems makes environmental stewardship a vital part of our daily business. By employing recycled materials, adopting environmentally sustainable processes, producing products that are themselves recyclable, and implementing energy efficient manufacturing solutions we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations for well-designed, high-quality products that contribute to the well-being of our planet.

As validation of our 'green' efforts, the American Chemical Council presented Safeplay Systems with an INNOVATION IN PLASTICS RECYCLING AWARD in 2012. We also won a General Services Administration (GSA) EVERGREEN AWARD in 2009. Safeplay Systems is the first playground manufacturer to ever win this prestigious environmental award from GSA.

Safeplay Systems
4452 Winfred Dr., Marietta, GA 30066
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